Smudge Wand with Semi Precious Stone - Harmony

Smudge Wand with Semi Precious Stone - Harmony

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Mphepho Wands

Smudging of Mphepo Wand is a traditional method and symbolic exercise common in healing practices used by healers, Smudging Mphepho is the burning of herbs to clear negative energy and re-balance the energy in yourself, your home or business 

Each unit consist of:

1 Smudge Wand

• Aprox Length: 21 cm Smudge stick 

Choose Between the SAGE , Lavender or Harmony Mphepho Smudge Wands - Each has a semi precious stone included 

How to use a Smudge Stick

  1. Light the end of a bundle with a match or lighter. Blow out if it catches on fire.
  2. The tips of the leaves should now smolder slowly, releasing a thick smoke. Direct this smoke around you with hand while holding the bundle in the other.
  3. Allow the incense to linger on the areas of your body or surroundings you’d like to focus on.
  4. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or device that is not flammable
  5. You can move throughout your home or place or business as cleanse the rooms that you want to.

It Is Important have ones intentions known when using sage or white sage to smudge - People have different intentions for instance you may want to use it for cleansing or removing of negativity energies, spiritual enhancement or energetic, purposes, Some believe smoke also takes impurities and negative energy with it whatever your reason please ensure to d

  • leave a window open before, during, and after smudging. This allows smoke to escape.

Happy Smudging


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